Capturing What Means Most

Life is full of changes. Every year. Every moment. We are in a current milestone, marked with the smiles on our faces, the way we interact with those who we love most, the adorable freckles on his nose, the tiny toes he uses to balance. Every year it feels like time flies by quicker around us. Months and years seem to pass by.

As lifestyle photographers, it’s our job to capture these moments. It’s the details and interactions among your family that you will cherish for years, even decades to come. It’s that collection of photos you look at every night across from your bed before you close your eyes – when the house is quiet and the moment seems still – that makes you at peace remembering the squeaks when they smile and the kindness in their voice when they say, “I love you.” That beautiful coffee table album is the center-piece of your living room, always providing the best conversation starter as you smile at the memories of your gorgeous family.

Gosh, can you tell we LOVE our jobs?! Photo sessions with us are easy. It’s a night of memories, full of laughter and smiles. We want to forever etch this milestone for you. Reach out to us today, and let’s make this happen!

Wedding Photography

Have you thought about how you’ll remember your wedding day? From the first time you see each other, to the laughs and celebration into the evening, your wedding will be filled with so much emotion. Are you looking for a photographer who will authentically document the first day of your marriage? If so, we’ve been looking for you too!


Lifestyle Sessions

Do you want to relive yesterday’s happiness because it was really that good with those you love most? Life’s greatest mile markers deserve to be captured through photography images. Are you wanting to bring the emotional connections alive, allowing all the feels to be recreated every time you look at your photos? We want to create those ever lasting images for you to cherish!



Graduation is one of life’s largest accomplishments. It’s the first finish line you cross as you enter adulthood, opening so many doors for your future! As a high school senior, you have had many successes that should forever be remembered. Grab your favorite outfits, your jersey, awards you’ve won in high school, and let’s go to your favorite spot which defines YOU.


Choosing clothing can feel overwhelming. Use this clothing guide to help you with your selections. Or, just message us. We love helping our clients feel comfortable on photo day! Download guide here.

Kind words our clients are saying

  • Cassie was extremely hospitable, professional, and formed a bond with my children while photographing. It was a wonderful experience!
  • After our session, my significant other and I agreed that it was so nice to disconnect from the world and our busy lives and reconnect with each other during our photoshoot. Often when you get into busy spells in life, you put your relationship on the back burning, so thank you for allowing us to do that!
  • Jocelyn and Cassie were so fun to work with and made the photography experience very enjoyable. The kids took well to their approach of talking with them the entire time and being very interactive. Great experience!
  • Looking for sweet gift for your wife or mother? Cassie knows how to capture our family, I bet she could do the same for you!! She’s pictured our family for the past six years!
  • It’s hard to put into words how we feel about our wedding pictures – love, blessed, perfect, happy. They all fit!  Rural Route Photography did a truly amazing job of capturing all the special moments of our day that we will cherish forever. The professionalism, HUGE talent, and efficiency was appreciated.
    Chad and Ashley
  • An amazing day with an amazing photographer! This fall was one of a kind, such a beautiful backdrop of colors for our family pictures. We could not be more pleased with our pictures. Thank you for these lasting memories.”
  • Rural Route Photography was the absolute best to work with on my grad day!